Random Thoughts! Revelations, Precognition and Magnets.

My mind’s been itching for a while, but couldn’t get my hand to obey my head. In fact titling this has been hectic. However, here’s a lil piece for the readers delight. Hope you enjoy it.Thanks

“Revelations” are sometimes scary, shocking or  awkward. There must be a reason why Revelation is not the first book you read and a stronger reason why it is placed in the last place you’ll want to check. Sometimes I wonder: is this happening now or will still happen? I feel it just further endorses the sayings that “never judge a book by its cover.” Everything is not always as it seems. Everyone is not really who they are. There is a surprise for us all in life. That’s why LIFE is what it is; a MYSTERY. Once the mystery is resolved, the joy of living becomes absent. Would there be words like hope? Definitely there would be fear. Imagine the cognition of death and its accompanying feelings or knowing you’d win the lottery tomorrow. If revelation is a peep into the future, things to come, does precognition help plan to avert dangers or welcome enormous wealth? *sigh*

There is this notion/thought that if you possess some values/virtue you’d attract certain things, people, and events into your life. Just like the ants are attracted to sugary things. I believe its right to say we are MAGNETS. That is to say what you are attracting into your life right now is a function of values/virtues you possess. Yet there seems to be a lot of people who feel they are not attracting what they should despite having the right attitudes, thoughts and actions. What could be wrong? why and where? *sigh*

Everyone seeks to be loved. Companionship and acceptance are few (yet important) of the emotional needs of humans. However careful consideration has shown that all those who seek to be loved usually end up err… loveless. Although she had her fair share of enemies, yet she was greatly loved by her people. She made such impact that her autobiography was adopted into the school curriculum. At her death, economic activities were brought to a standstill and she was mourned for 30 days. All the while on her deathbed, she was thinking of them, persuading her people not to “cry for her”. Why won’t she be loved? *sigh* Can our ladies go as far as Evita? Use the comment box below to share your views.


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