Facebook IPO: How It Affects The Nigerian Youth.

That the Facebook IPO opened for public today is no longer news. Before the listing, news reports Facebook price at $36 per share, however the Nasdaq opening puts the price at $42 per share after a 30 minute delay. Just minutes after the opening, bloomberg news  reports via a tweet that Facebook now selling around $70/share in germany.

In a rather exasperated tweet, @upnepa  Blogger and  Assistant Editor at technesstivity who seems to be bothered about Nigerian youths negligence on important issues concerning their financial future  tweets:

He also goes further to say:

In the same vein, Founder & Chief Editor @TechLoy.com ( @loyOKeZIE ) tweets

From the above tweets , various questions arise:

1. Are Nigerian youths only concerned about entertainment or relationship issues?

2. With over 4 million Nigerian youths on Facebook.  Why are the youths not bothered about important issues like the FBIPO.
3. Why are some Nigerian youths contented with posting pictures and party comments on Facebook? Is that all there is to it?
4. Why are the youths more concened about flaunting their BB’s and iPhones, when age mates across the world are actually creating these tech gadgets.

5. With the buzz in Nigerian Tech industry, How many  Tech start-ups have achieved (or moving towards achieving) a feat as laudable as Facebook?

6. Do Nigerian Tech Start-ups possess what it takes to get listed on the Stock Exchange?

Kindly use the comment box below to air your views. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “Facebook IPO: How It Affects The Nigerian Youth.

    1. @kunle Thanks for the Comment.
      Accepted they (youths) know nothing about IPO’s.
      1. Whose Fault is it, parents, schools ?
      2. Should it continue this way?
      3. Will Nigeria have a secured financial future with the direction things are headed?
      4. What can be done to salvage the situation?

  1. Well, what is sauce for the goose may not be sauce for the gander after all. It does appear like a majority of the youths are more interested in mundane things, but I think it actually points to the standard of education. Even when the youths contribute to relationship issues, how sound is their argument?

  2. It is unfortunate that our educational system does not prepare us to initiate a Tech start-up of Facebook’s calibre. A lot of us are just satisfied with just living, going by the harsh political and economic condition we have to survive/endure everyday. The base necessities of food, clothing, and shelter have to be easily acquired and generally taken for granted like in saner climes before we can really arrive as a Tech exporting nation/generation.

    1. “A lot of us are just satisfied with just living…” Hmmmn! Right on Point! The average Nigerian Youth would have to contend with forces of hunger, Power supply etc in the morning when his brain cells are charged. By the time he’s done solving those problems, it’s already dusk, He has no option than to go to Bed and repeat the cycle by morning. @idova Thanks for the feed back.

  3. Do I expect the youths to become conscious after reading this post? No I don’t, its not entertaining enough.
    Trivial issues are what excites our youths.
    Like my brother said, how many youth will read this and even try to know the meaning of IPO. Let them continue dancing to ‘damiduro’

    1. LMAO @ “Let them continue dancing to ‘damiduro'”

      Thanks for reading @bola.
      It is no lie that the sparkly red carpet intrigues our youths yet how many have really made their marks in the music industry. Music Videos are all about Blings, Ass, and Boobs.:D

  4. Nigerian youths care only about entertainment… like most youths around the world… that’s d sad fact…

    Startups can IPO…already have. MTECH was a startup :).

    Let’s not get carried away… If Nigerians were not posting on FB like their counterparts around d world, FB wouldn’t exist. Its not a product for techies… these youths are doing what the society is programming them to do…

    1. Thank God for Start-ups Like MTECH, but how many of them do exists to make such landmark achievements? How many Garage 44 or Cc-Hub Start-ups can we see doing well? We also need to ask why they may not be doing well besides the obvious.
      If “youths are doing what the society is programming them to do..”, then Colonialism and slave trade has taken a new form.
      Thanks for the Comment.

  5. Sadly enough, I’ll admit that Nigerian youths have a very serious problem: low attention span. We’ve allowed our smartphones to be smarter than us. And yes, unless the news is sensational like entertainment, relationships/sex or political scandals, we tune out. As a blogger, I know how often I send BCs of links to my blog posts and have people ask me to rather tell them what is in d article than them read it.
    Not only that, a lot of Nigerian youths think that being cool means not knowing so much about serious stuff, like tech and business and politics. It is cool to just have surface knowledge, but definitely know how to mix drinks

    1. Wow! Mark, “It is cool to just have surface knowledge, but definitely know how to mix drinks” Right on point. 😀 thanks for the comment..

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