Another Evil I Have Seen Under The Sun


Its amazing that in this world people find so much joy in the down fall of someone who does good and celebrates his injury, they are excited and fulfilled at their mistakes and errors, they are so happy and eager to distribute the news at whatever cost, it becomes their personal project to make sure the news is widely spread and such folks castigated.


I have also seen this evil under the sun that human beings say everything and do everything as politicians to get into power but on getting there they only start to do such as would only IMPRESS the people so that the ‘blind’ people will say they are working and they politicians leave undone such that will IMPACT the people.


I have also seen under the sun that in a church setting (of which I understand well), you are in the good books and everybody’s hero so long you fit into ‘their description’ of who a Christian is in their head/mind, once you follow your heart as it suits your life you become a rebel and a devil that is castigated either in their church, their gatherings or at their functions and occasions, even the young ones who rejoices and dances at your appearance before now looks at you from afar because they have made you a topic in their sitting rooms as a family discussion, even further at their offices as lunch hour topic of discussion.


Hmmmmm…… – jazzyb

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