How Reading ebooks Has Made Me Lazy.

As a writer, I get a lot of  inspiration from reading other books. Each time I read a literature, I find it easy to highlight sections of books that trigger my interests. In fact I have my scribbling pad by me every time , so I can jot my thoughts and insights as they reveal themselves. All these occurred when I read traditional books. (holding the paper)

However with the advent of e-books, my efficiency has dropped drastically. While e-books are easier to read, and digital,

1. They do not provide me the opportunity to make notes as I’d love to. The closest I could ever come to was copying the texts that speak to me into a word processing program. By the time I go over the notes it becomes lucid.

2. The closest I’ve gone to enjoying  e-books is to set the views to double page instead of the default single page adobe offers.

3. Reading is slower when reading e-books.- Because you have to scan through the screen of whatever device you are using and because the device is a source of light, reading is always slower than in traditional books.

4. I get tired if the book is over 100 pages. – Once the book is over 100 pages I may have to read it in 4 or 5 installments.

5. Power Supply is always an issue.- You know the kind of nation we reside in and the canker-worms destroying our power sector. There are times I’d want to read but no charges on my laptop or mobile phone.


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