What a Woman Really Needs..


This is a question that has been asked still asked and will still be asked. Yet the answers have always been evasive.

Adeola, is a final year student in one of the nations federal institutions. She is gorgeous and she knows it. Just last week she was chatting with a friend on what marital life she hopes to have. “Before I get married my husband must have built a house, have a car and be comfortable. I can’t get married and continue to suffer, laelae” I heard her saying. “Why am I getting married if my hubby can’t take care of me?” She asked further.

Cynthia on the other hand wants a man who would love and cherish her as well as accept her for who she is. “Every other thing is secondary for me. Just love me, accept me and understand me.”

Do Women themselves really know what they want in their men or relationships? Do they even know why they are in one or just following the trends?  Time and priorities change in life. That’s why the answers to this question differ at every stage in their lives. At 16-18 she’d be asking for rich, tall, dark and handsome”. At 25 after several heartbreaks, she’d be asking for “God fearing man”, at 30 it’s “I want a good husband” at 35, 40 and above, “I just want a man.

While I have no qualms with anyone saying what they desire, it is important to note that some women can be overbearing, demanding and unrealistic. They shift the goal post every time.  *Hides under the table 😛 * And I can’t help but ponder on these questions.

Can you protect and provide?  Can you give the things you want in your man? Yes you need this, you need that but what are you bringing to the table?

Marriage or relationships are not meant to be lopsided. The men alone should not bear the whole burden of the union. It’s supposed to be a win-win situation where we both lay our cards on the table and play a fair game. When I say burden, I mean emotional, social marital and of course err… financial. *dodges the eggs and tomatoes*

Thank God all women are not like Adeola, some of us may never get married. And what stops a man from aspiring to marry a rich woman. What stops me from marrying a woman who has all the qualities women want from me? I thought whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander. No??


“What's YOUR opinion?

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