Whose Prayer Does God Answer? (Y! SuperBlogger)

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The irony in life is so funny yet thought provoking. Theology reveals that we have a supreme being that designs and predetermines our fate or destiny in life. Scientists know despite all empirical evidences that some things don’t just happen. No matter what name we call the “Supreme Being”, we look up to him for certain things. We also know He does good; not evil and whatever evil that pervades our earth is initiated by man. So I begin to wonder if we all pray to God and expect answered prayers, whose prayer does God really answer?

An armed robber, who plans his hit with great accuracy, but before going on a raid he reads psalms 23 and 91 for protection.


A family that prays for protection against all evils coupled with the right security gadgets.

A Doctor who establishes a clinic with the hope of providing healthcare services and of course make money. He prays that his business makes him money.


Everybody prays against sicknesses of any kind that will make them visit a hospital.

The pallbearer who prays that he makes sales, so he can feed his children.


Nobody wants to die, so we pray against death.

The school boy who hopes to come across a missing sum of money on the floor.


The market woman who prays not to lose money.

The nation that prays for a good leader.


The politician that schemes and prays to be elected so he can embezzle the nation’s funds.

It is obvious that we all make our requests to the same control room and expect favorable answers. However with the variety of requests like above bombarding the prayer desk, whose prayer does God really answer?

The suicide bomber who prays before detonating the bomb.


The countless worshipers who pray against bomb attacks.

These events and many more happen every day but does that mean God answers all prayers or does not as the case may be? Share your thoughts.


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