Relationships: Of Nurseries, Crutches and Scaffolds,


As a graduate of agriculture, the nursery always fascinates me because of the important role it plays in the development of certain crops. Some plants need absolute care at the beginning of their lives, that’s why we raise them in nurseries. At the nursery, the condition is controlled and survival of the crop depends on the care it receives in the nursery. After a while, the crops need to be moved to the field for further growth. During this period of their lives, they need to leave the shelter and comfort zones of the nursery pots to continue their lives. If not, the nursery pot continues to limits the growth of the plants.

While the nursery starts its job in the early phase of life, the crutches and scaffoldings come much later. The crutches provide support in trying times. It offers us hope and aid when we fall. The scaffolding on the other hand, helps in the beautification of our lives. No matter how helpful the scaffolding has been, it has to give way for the beauty of the house to be revealed.

crutch 3d

One of the hardest things for us to accept is that some people are not meant to be in our lives forever. Of course some people “may” be with us for life, (wives, parents etc.) but some people are just in our lives for a season. Some are meant to mentor us, help us through trying times etc. but not for life. It does not mean they are not good or we can’t be friends anymore. No matter how wonderful or helpful they are, there is always a time for them to go. The tragedy is that we become too dependent on them, and if they do not move on from our lives they begin to limit us. We have to be knowledgeable enough to know when someone’s part in our life is over. We need to realize that when a door closes, another one opens. And sometimes, it could be a window, so jump. The problem is that we often look so long at closed doors that we fail to notice open windows.


As we start a new year, some relationships are going to fall off you like scales.
don’t fret. Often times it’s not because they are bad people, they’ve just served their purposes. Their reason is done, their season is over. You don’t need someone to constantly think for you, believe for you etc. you can do these things by yourself. It’s time for you to start that business on your own, start that class. Once in a while, some people may appear in your life, who really are God sent. You have to remember that, If you are to continue to grow, you need to get rid of the crutches. And what better way to start than in the new year? Do have a wonderful new year!

5 thoughts on “Relationships: Of Nurseries, Crutches and Scaffolds,

  1. Like prophecy, your article speaks directly to my situation. I especially like the analogy and how you brilliantly tied it all together. Good job!

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