My God: Jehova ATM!

Isn’t it somehow ironic how humans rely on their intelligence and power in their day-to-day activities as if they own themselves. We rush off in the morning serving Mammon, without even saying a word of appreciation or acknowledging the Creator. We are so engrossed in the race for survival that we neglect the giver of life. But when a car nearly runs you over you shout, “Jesus!”

Its also amazing how ladies who have “missed the bus” become so “churchy.” They become  prodigal daughters since the loving father is always awaiting their return with open arms.

Must we have a bitter experience before we remember God?

The sad tale is that often times, it’s just to cross “that bridge”, once on the other side, we fly away just like ‘Paul and Peter’. This makes me ask why most of us have turned God into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) God or Zombie God. Is it because God doesn’t hold grudges? His hand is always open to us whether we are riding the chariot of grace or crushed beneath the wheels.

We go our ways, do our things and when things don’t go our way, or we run out of steam, we run to God and enter the ‘prodigal pin’. What we often forget is that if we don’t make deposits in our accounts the ATM replies ‘insufficient balance.’

The most ridiculous is hoping/believing that God will do whatever we ask of him just because the scripture says “nothing is impossible with God”. While that scripture is very true, even if you are to make withdrawals from the ATM, you’d have to go there first and insert your card. No ATM brings money to your house. No robot acts without a command.

All his promises are valid but requires a conscious effort on our part. God is no robot and we don’t have his remote.


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