Lessons from the 48 laws of power.

The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene is no doubt a wonderful and powerful book. Though old, it has never ceased to generate comments sentiments and reactions. Several readers have their reservations about the book or those who have read it. However, reading the book again recently with a liberal mind, has opened my eyes to certain facts,which has informed the writing of this article.

I got to understand that power as referred to in that book, is not necessarily a position nor authority, but the fact that there are other forms of power that are more subtle yet more efficient than coercion.

No matter how much people criticise the book (48 laws of power), each and every one of us, has embedded in us a few of those laws and we use them at will without fore thought. How many times have you tried getting some girl/guy’s attention by showering attention on someone else?

The 48 laws of power is not a book for squashing the enemy or usurping the throne. Neither was it written by power hungry Greene for his followers. IMO, the book is just a glimpse into the psychology of men and how they see themselves. Man’s struggle to attain self actualization and social acceptability. In other words, it’s a book about man’s selfishness, his insecurities and how he feeds it.

All the laws have different seasons and situations they can be applied. Some are applicable when aspiring to reach the top, others while at the top. Some are applicable with contemporaries, others with juniors or seniors. Some with groups, others with individuals. The bottom line, whatever phase in life, there is an applicable law.

All the laws are tools. They can either be used appropriately or not.

Have a great day! 😀

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