Five Steps: How To Diagnose Your Ailment Without A Doctor.

Nobody likes being ill. Hundreds hate the sting of a needle. The odor of drugs & hospitals even make more people sicker. What most people don’t know about medical diagnosis is that the doctor aggregate your symptoms to discover or reveal your diagnosis. Medical diagnosis is simply the identification of a disease from its symptoms and you can do it too.

How then does someone diagnose his ailment without a doctor?
In october 2011, I began having abdominal pain. It was horrible. Being my inquisitive self, I took to the net and sought information about my symptoms. The search was quite revealing. The information I stumbled upon proved helpful during my visit to the doctor. I was able to help in the prescription process and it sure helped me get better.

In this post I wrote about why You Should Never Leave Your Health Decisions To Your Doctor and the importance of knowing what’s wrong with you, before visiting a doctor. You can read the post here.

Today I’m writing about how to diagnose your ailment without a doctor in five steps. Going through this five steps will help you and the doctor get to the root of your ailment.

Let’s Begin.

1. Jot all the symptoms you are having on a sheet of paper. The slightest feelings would be needed.
For example if you have joint pains in your ankle. Dizziness? Jot it. Tired? Jot it. Note all symptoms because it will be needed.

2. Type one or two of these symptoms into google. Its going to give you series of results and you can pick the one that suits you.

3. Simply type mayo clinic symptom checker into google. Once the results load, click on the link and follow instructions, ( input your symptoms). Clicking check symptoms loads a page with possible causes to whatever ailments you have. The causes are listed in order of possibilities/accuracy.

4. Simply click on the causes and learn more about why you are having joint pains in your ankle.

5. Visit your doctor armed with this information. Let him run his course of diagnoses. After that you can now begin to ask him questions on why you are having these health challenges and how you can overcome it (possible treatment options).
Don’t hesitate to ask additional questions during your appointment.

Voila! There you are, more knowledgeable about possible causes of your ailments.

However, you must know that this is just to help you have more information about you and not an attempt at self treatment.

In what ways has the internet helped in diagnosing your ailment? You can share your testimonies in the comment box. Thanks.


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