Top Ten #AsuuShouldCalloffTheStrikeBecause Tweets.

ASUU strike is in its fourth month now and no compromise is in sight. Students are really getting nervous so they share their grievances on twitter.

Well here are my ten favorite #Asuushouldcalloffthestrikebecause tweets. Enjoy!

1. @ibromazinontop:@CoolFMNigeria #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause I have forgotten my matric number and the name of my HOD

2. @bumiey: #asuushouldcalloffthestrikebecause I have actually forgotten the topic of my project

3. @veek_vortex: @CoolFMNigeria @N6OFLIFE #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause I think am losing d genius in me. Diminishing returns is doing ma brain!

4. “@Jerryczar: @N6OFLIFE @CoolFMNigeria #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause there’s a shift of power from education to music. We gat more artist than fanz”

Better than cultism and robbery IMO

5. @Eloka_timmy: “@CoolFMNigeria: #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause asuu didn’t negotiate wit my landlord,my rent is running”

6. @hoylumeeday: “@CoolFMNigeria: #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause We can’t pay two house rent in one session

7. @divaPat92: @CoolFMNigeria #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause my sis cant spell anymore, she keeps asking me to spell words whenever she’s chatin…kai

Its obvious you spell better.

8. @adamushago: @CoolFMNigeria #ASUUSHOULDCALLOFFTHESTRIKEBECAUSE me I don tire…male student we re nw family driver, females don bcum house maids

9. “@Ameer_tsidi: #ASUUShouldCallOffTheStrikeBecause students need to go back to school, this idleness is abysmal and demoralising @CoolFMNigeria”

Prof obahiagbon in the making?

10. @iam_melp: @CoolFMNigeria: #Asuushouldcalloffthestrikebecause we are getting old we really need to graduate.

Well if one factors the five years experience HR’s ask for, this is Valid.

So there you have it. My ten favorite #Asuushouldcalloffthestrikebecause tweets.

You can also share yours in the comment box below.


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