Revealed! 5 Top Reasons Why You Need A Skills Inventory.

Sample Skill Inventory

Sample Skill Inventory

What is a skills Inventory?

According to Wiki, Skills inventory is a list of your abilities, qualifications, and career goals.


A Skills inventory is a listing of abilities, capacities, qualifications, and career goals of the employees to identify suitable candidates for internal recruitment or promotions.
Business Dictionary

I call it a reservoir of the skills and capabilities an individual possesses.

Why should everyone have a skill inventory?

1. In today’s dynamic world, employers are beginning to realize that certification alone is not enough. Employability skills are lacking and only those who possess the right skills will be considered.

2. Skills can get you self employed. According to indexmundi, the latest unemployment rate in Nigeria is 23.9 percent. By having a skills inventory, you will be able to identify areas of passion for possible self employment or career development.

3. It gives you an idea of how valuable you are and what you have to offer your employer.

4. It offers you a pool of relevant skills for job applications/career development.
A well prepared skill inventory comes in handy when you are applying for jobs. It helps you to include targeted and required job skills in your resume. It’s like building a house and having all the materials available on site. It makes the job faster.

5. It helps you to identify skill gaps. Skills inventories are good at identifying skill gaps. By having a personal skill inventory, you will be able to identify areas where you need further training and improvement.

These are some of the reasons why you need a skill inventory. I hope you have been enlightened.

Do you know some other reasons why everyone needs a skill inventory? Please use the comment box below to share your opinions. Thanks for reading.

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