How To Use #Twitter to Land A Job of Your Dream in Nigeria

If you are job seeker and you don’t know what twitter is, or how to use it as a job search tool, you must be from the stone age.

Twitter is an such amazing site and I love it because of its freshness. As a social media enthusiast/strategist, I get a lot of ideas from twitter, up to date information, instant response and breaking news etc. In fact I’m fond of saying, if its not on twitter, its not news. However, these are not the only things twitter is used for.

As a job seeker, twitter is a place to explore for career opportunities. This is because employers know they can reach a wider audience on the site. Various blogposts abound on the net on how to use twitter for your job search. But very few go beyond, profile tweaking with certain keywords and hash tags. While these may help, a job seeker needs to do more than profile tweaks and interconnected social platforms. This article aims to introduce the job seeker to practical surefire tips on landing the desired job via twitter.

Twitter Search.
Twitter search is an excellent tool for job seekers. If you are really serious about your job search, this tool should be your best friend.

Job search Keywords.
For job seekers on twitter, you need to understand the power of keywords. Keywords are specific words that describe what you are looking for. An example of a keyword is “vacancies”. Typing “vacancies” in twitter search brings up various tweets with the word vacancies in them. Although vacancies is a broad keyword and will only bring tweets with vacancies in them. You can narrow down your search with other keywords or phrases to streamline your search. To get these keywords or phrases, you need to think like an employer. What vocabularies would an employer use? If you were seeking to employ, what words would you use? Exactly! Employers use words like vacancies, employment opportunities, etc. These are the exact words you need to use as search queries.

You can also refine your search to your taste. You can refine searches by location, career etc
For example if you are looking for a job in lagos. You can type “employment opportunities + lagos.”

Job opportunities + location