I looked at him sprawled on the bed, snoring away like a belabored train climbing a hill. His pot belly sagged to the sides. With my left hand I picked my Blackberry to check the time. It was 2am, two more hours to go. What would I do for the next two hours? Sleep evaded me. On nights like this I’m always at war with sleep.

I answered a few pings. Posh FerrarI ̷̐ replied my pings almost immediately.

” Babe how far na? U no sleep? Ur bobo no let U rest abi? Sure babe.”

“Sure babe for where?” I replied. “The useless old fool slept off after the 2nd round. I’ve been literarily counting the ceiling since then.

“Wow, lazy bones. Same here but this one wan kee me. He’s been on me since we hit the room last night.” Said posh.

“Really? Make he no kee U. Abi he use drug ni?” I asked.

“Na so babe, he’s a stud, he must be d’banjs uncle. “Mr Endowed”. He’s just too brutal about it. He just dey pound me like person wey dey pound yam”.

“Take am sofri O! And make sure he rewards U handsomely.”

“I gotta go babe, he’s up again. ;'( ttyl”

“Choi! see gobe, *smh4U* Ur own don meet U. Work hard for Ur money babe Ttyl.”

Men and their fetish desires. I thought to myself. They do all they can with us. Those secret things they can’t try with their wives at home. They prowl the nights like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour. I don’t blame them though.

They pay for it and we must fill their orders. Nothing goes for nothing.
I checked the time again, 2:45 am.

I stepped into the loo to take a pee.

“These stupid hotels” I cursed under my breath. “They have not fixed the flush handle for the past one month.”

Only God knows what they do with the money they make.

Same with High End Hotels after the round about. Majority of their air conditions are faulty. I went back to bed startling my host, who roused from his slumber and pulled me closer. The stench of alcohol oozed as he yawned. I held my breath.

Its not easy being me, I grace strange beds, with strange fellows, fulfilling strange desires. It’s the life I live to make ends meet. Besides the economic rewards, there’s nothing else to enjoy. No matter how steamy each session is, the beds are always cold. The sensuality is dulled. Oftentimes, I fake climaxes, pain and pleasure just to impress the randy goats pummeling away.

Sometimes its scary and very risky. I feared for my life when I heard the Soka incident in Ibadan. Who would believe such a place could exist for over ten years on that boisterous expressway? The gory sight of skulls and bones nauseated me. I imagine how many ladies of the night would have gone missing and ended in such places. But what can I do?

“God forbid bad thing in jesus name.” I murmured to myself.
“I will not end up in Soka or any other ritualist den.”

Jesus? God? Did I just say those? I’m sure they don’t approve of my actions now. On the other hand, didn’t Jesus say he came for sinners like me? And if my sins are as red as crimson, he’ll make me white as snow. Then I better get dirty, the redder the better. But isn’t that an abuse of “Grace”? *sigh*

More confused than when I started, I decided to watch the latest episode of “Scandal” I downloaded yesterday. I should pass time with that. I love Olivia Pope a lot. She understands that life is “give and take”, there’s no free lunch; even in freetown. You have to use what you have to get what you need.” The only difference between olivia & I is that she’s with the president. I hope I’ll get there one day. Until then, I can’t wait to get out of this cold bed. Not before I cash my virtual check though ;). So I better get to work.

Obafemi Fawibe



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