I must have dozed off watching that movie. I felt a thud on my scantily covered torso. My host tossed a wad of #500 notes on me.

I rubbed my eyes with the back of my left hand and picked the wad of cash with the other.

He was fully dressed and ready to go. He bent over and kissed my temple.

“I’ll see you soon” he said holding my gaze, then he left.

I counted the money in my hand #50,000 naira. A smile played on my lips. We’ll surely see soon.
Meanwhile, I need to freshen up and get out of here before that “son of a whore” comes knocking.

Running into the bath tub, I soaked myself in the hot vapor of the shower and scrubbed my body. Scrubbing is just a ritual, no matter how long or hard I scrub, I can’t seem to get off the sweat, stench and hands of different men off me. The filth is psychological. As I scrubbed, memories of the last romp filtered into my mind. My host was a little bit composed this time. I guess the booze has cleared from his system. He took his time to touch me in a few right places, though not for long. I began to touch my self. My thought sailed to Andy. He’s the only one that elicits this kind of response from my body. I think its time to pay him a visit. He should be back from Abuja. I got out of the tub and daubed my body with a towel. Time to get out of this rat hole. I’ll put a call through to Andy as I leave. I opened the bathroom door and there he was, perched like a bird watching the earthworm wriggle out of its hole; ready to devour its prey.

Bitrus the hotel manager was sitting on the bed. Yes that “son of a whore”…


“Hello pretty, how market? I can see the god of fortune smiled on you today.” Bitrus said; waving the wad of notes my host had paid me.

Holy Crap! I had carelessly dropped it on the bed as I hastened to take my shower.

“Give me that, you bastard.” I said as I rushed at him. He was quick to dodge me and I fell on the bed, right beside him.

Bitrus pinned me with his broad frame and yanked off the towel on me.

“You will pay for this you bastard.”
I muttered under his heavy frame.
Without hesitation he took me right there. I lay helpless and started crying.

With a loud grunt which signified his come, he rolled off me. Bitrus dropped the wad of notes beside me and left the room grinning sheepishly.
I grabbed the money he dropped and counted #20,000. Tears flooded my face all over. That “son of a gun” has made away with #30,000 naira. With blurry eyes I hurriedly packed my belongings and left the room.

Once I left the premises of the hotel, I trekked a few metres from the gate to get a cab. A black primera parked beside me asking where I was headed to.

“Challenge?” I said. “E wole (enter)” the driver replied. I hopped into the front seat and wiped the tears off my face.

“I no get change O, I just dey start work.” The driver told me. I nodded.

The driver sped off like he was on the cast of “fast and furious”. I looked at him quizzically and he smiled.

“Oga no be Lagos Express way we dey O, why you dey speed like this now?” I asked hysterically.

Just then a hand with a white handkerchief emerged from behind and gagged me….

To be continued.


Obafemi Fawibe



    1. Hello temiloluwa, welcome to my blog, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the compliments. The next episodes will be uploaded soon. Bookmark the page and tell your friends about it. Thanks.

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