We Have Moved.

image credit -seroundtable.com

image credit -seroundtable.com

Dear Esteemed Readers,

We are excited to announce that the obafemifawibe.wordpress.com blog has moved! As of June 21 , 2014 we have moved our Blog to http://obafemifawibe.com, to give us a robust space to serve you our esteemed readers better. We like to appreciate your loyal readership and support on our old platform.

Why Did We Move?

We are expanding and this website allows us to spread our tentacles, bringing you new insightful, thought provoking articles and of course intriguing fiction series like STRANGE BEDS.

What do I need to do?
1. We would love you to update your rss/ blog reader settings to the new blog. Please add http://obafemifawibe.com/feed to your favorites or RSS feeds to keep up with our posts.

2. Don’t forget to be a part of the community by reading, commenting and sharing our articles via Social media etc.

We’ve moved, and we believe you’ll move with us. Just click the link below and see you at our new website,

Kind Regards


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